Water Heating, Chilling and Storage


The most efficient way to heat water

  • The most energy efficient way to provide unlimited amounts of hot or warm water instantly
  • Only heats the water when it's needed and only to the set temperature
  • Easy replacement for old electric storage water heaters
  • Save on installation and reduce energy consumption by more than 50%
  • Patented Australian design and manufacture
  • Not affected by poor water quality
  • Perfect for the hard water areas of Western Australia
  • Locate at point of use for maximum efficiency (No water or energy wasted in long pipe runs)
  • Compact design to free up space in your building
  • Maintenance free thanks to simple but clever design
  • Nano Range
    • Ingenious and amazingly compact design
    • Unlimited temperature applications only (not for use with TMV's)
    • Single or two phase power supply
  • Hotrun-VE Range
    • Variable Electronic temperature control
    • 35°C to 60°C
    • Upper temperature can be factory set (tamperproof)
    • Patented Legionella cleaning cycle
    • Concealed or Exposed pipe and wire connections
    • Single and two phase power supply
    • Ideal for personal hygiene applications
      • Hospitals
      • Schools
      • Nursing homes
      • Kitchens
      • Shop fit-outs
    • Three phase power supply
    • Ideal for higher demand application
      • Residential bathrooms
      • Educational
      • Medical
      • Aged care


Solutions for sinks

  • Steaming hot water taps
    • 1100 Series
    • 3300 Series
  • Food waste disposers
    • +45 M Series
    • +55 M Series
    • + 65 M Series